Portrait painting is no longer only for the aristocracy or the wealthy.  There are lots of reasons why you might want to commission a portrait.  It may be as a gift, to commemorate a transition, mark a special moment or to honour a special relationship.  A portrait is highly personal, it is a way of expressing a personal statement about someone's essence.


Where possible, I prefer to have a couple of brief sittings, mainly as a meeting point, but also to take sketches and reference photos myself (I appreciate in some cases this is not always possible, so when necessary I will work from photographs given to me by the client, provided they are of good quality)

Depending on workloads and complexity, a portrait can take between 1-3 months, however consideration will always be given should there be any specific deadlines involved.
As every portrait commission is unique, quotations are tailored to fit each individual request. Size, scale, background detail, amount of additional content and medium used etc, are all factors which must be taken into account, as such the following costings (and sizes) should be viewed upon as a rough guide only.  The costs below are for oil paintings. 

If you would like a portrait done in pastels the cost is less, starting from £200.  I will be happy to discuss this with you.


Head & Shoulders
From £500
Approx 50cm x 40cm

Half Body Length
From £800
Approx 70cm x 60cm

3/4 Body Length
From £1000
Approx 100cm x 70cm

Full Body Length
From £1500
Approx 150cm x 75cm

For a double portrait:
Head and shoulders from £800

Half Bodies from £1000
3/4 Bodies from £2000

For a group portrait

Discuss with me.

(Please note: All prices are based upon highly detailed life sized oils on canvas
They do not include framing, travel expenses or delivery costs)